Augment your reality: See the difference Bollé goggles make before you get on the mountain

Augment your reality: See the difference Bollé goggles make before you get on the mountain

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“Try before you buy” is taking on an entirely new meaning with Bollé’s revolutionary augmented reality (AR) experience. Using Instagram and a smartphone, you can now “try on” and “try out” Bollé’s newest products without having to physically touch them, a first for the ski helmet and goggle industry. With these all-new Instagram filters you can simulate looking through Bollé’s Phantom lens found on the FREESKIER-favorite Nevada goggle in your own environment—at home or in the mountains—and witness how the photochromic lenses adapt to the light around you. You can also “wear” the all-new RYFT helmet and goggle together to see how they look, effectively eliminating the need to go in-store to try ’em on.

As the world becomes increasingly digitized and, for the moment, distanced, this type of innovation provides consumers even better access to product without having to travel to the ski shop. ““For this version of our Phantom augmented reality experience, we have gone further in the realistic feel of the filter” said Louis Cisti, vice president of Global Marketing for Bollé, in a press release. “Bollé has one of the strongest winter sports athletes’ team in the world This experience pairs the greatest champions with the best photochromic lens technology on the market…. with the filter, anybody can see like a champion.”

Olympic gold medalist, David Wise, boosting in the Bollé Nevada goggle.

Within the AR experience, users will view first-hand what makes the Phantom lens so capable and coveted: there’s a slider to adapt the digital lenses to different exposures, showcasing their photochromic, Light Adaptive Technology and a fog simulator that represents the anti-fogging capabilities of the Phantom lenses. In “selfie mode,” like we mentioned, you can see what the helmet and goggle look like superimposed over your face and head in real-time. All in all, this AR package offers the unique chance to test out the new gear without having to travel to the shop.

Every season, ski brands infuse new technologies and developments into their products but the ways that these products are advertised stays the same. With this groundbreaking augmented reality feature Bollé is adding a bit (much needed) flare to the user experience, bringing a completely new way to try on and try out product from home.

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