The Gear Closet: Sled Skiing

The Gear Closet: Sled Skiing

Welcome to a special gear feature from FREESKIER. Here’s a closeup look at everything you need to get started sled skiing. Click here to explore the entire 2021 FREESKIER Buyer’s Guide.

Polaris RMK Khaos 163

The Khaos series is the latest evolution in the Polaris’ celebrated RMK lineup and one of the most maneuverable mountain sleds on the market. The sled’s agility is derived from a new rear suspension design that allows you to roll the sled on edge easier than ever as you boondock your way through the deepest pow you can find. To power you through those turns, the Khaos employs Polaris’ 850 Patriot engine with the belt-driven QuickDrive 2 system. This includes a 10-percent gear reduction over previous models, producing quicker throttle response and allowing you to put power to the track in a fraction of a second. As you navigate through varied terrain en route to your next ski objective, the Velocity Hi-Lo Shocks from Walker Evans Racing will soak up any bumps in the road. These include separate adjustments for high- and low-speed compression, which enables you to dial them in to suit your personal preferences. 

Since you’ll be to busy taking motorized faceshots, Polaris also offers an easy-install ski rack to hold onto your skis. It consists of two aluminum brackets that attach to the side of the tunnel and can be added to both sides in order to carry two pairs on any mission. Finally, if a 163-inch track doesn’t do it for you, the Khaos is also available with 155-inch and 165-inch tracks. Rest assured, whether you’re brand new to the sled skiing game or a seasoned vet, Polaris has the machine to get you brapping through the backcontry this season.

Mo Pros Ajoosta GR Rack & Pack It Brackets

Mo Pros’ Ajoosta GR Large tunnel rack and Pack It Bracket Full Kit lock your skis in and get you to the goods while you’re sledding. Installation is like ‘Legos for Adults,’ and the dual brackets are critical for doubling up to ridgelines with your mates. The size large rack is ideal for long days in the backcountry and supports compatibility with the Hot’n Shreddy Bag.

Mo Pros Hot’n Shreddy Bag

If you want to shred the soles of your ski boots while sledding and add dents/dings to your expensive sled, go for it—but we’re not down. The Hot’n Shreddy bag is a god-send: It’ll keep your boots (and any other gear) nice and toasty but won’t damage your boot liners. When you’re ready to ski, simply pull out your showroom-temperature boots and let the serious shredding begin. Installation is simple: no wire splicing needed, it’s all plug-and-play.

Armada Declivity X

The Declivity X is built for one thing: pinning big-mountain lines. The stiff, 115-millimeter-waisted ski features a healthy dose of rocker up front, a slightly rockered tail and camber underfoot, culminating in a ski that annihilates steep terrain, whether it’s covered in fresh pow or variable chop. This is a daily-driver for Chamonix local and Armada athlete, Tof Henry. 

Armada Shift MNC 13

For those who want to earn their turns on the way up but enjoy the unmistakable feeling of an alpine binding on the way down, Armada’s Shift provides the best of both worlds. With that kind of versatility and a DIN setting up to 13, this acclaimed freeride binding will turn any single pair of skis into a do-it-all quiver. 

Lange XT3 130

“It tours uphill but skis down great!” We’ve all heard the pitch, right? Well, only some boots actually back that up and the XT3 is one of them. The boot features Dual Core Construction—a combination of hard and soft plastics—that compress and expand as you flex the boot, providing increased absorption, energy and rebound. Up, down and  all-around performance.  

Backcountry Access B-2 EXT

Aside from an avy transceiver, a shovel is probably the most important tool you can have; it’s imperative in the event of an avalanche rescue but also in the case of a sled rescue, since you’ll undoubtedly get stuck at some point. The B2 features a high strength-to-weight ratio and a large blade to excavate snow quickly. 

Backcountry Access Float 32

The Float 32 airbag pack has all the safety, capacity and features you need to get through your day in the backcountry. The compressed air canister and airbag are always just a pull away, while the dedicated tool pocket holds your essential avy gear and the large main compartment fits extra layers, food, water and equipment.

Backcountry Access Tracker4

Ease of use has always been BCA’s mantra when it comes to avalanche transceivers and the three-antenna Tracker4 is no different. The beacon is extremely user-friendly, has multiple burial features and comes with upgradeable software to keep you safe in the mountains as technology progresses.

Backcountry Access Stealth 300 Carbon Probe

Long enough to get through the deep stuff but light enough to not weight you down, this probe deploys quickly and easily to save seconds when time is of the essence. 

Backcountry Access BC Link 2.0

It’s extremely easy to hit the throttle and get separated from your partners in the backcountry, which makes two-way radios an essential part of the sled skiing kit. Don’t get stuck yelling for your friends through a conch shell.

Anon M4

Originator of the quick-change, magnetic lens swap, Anon has continued to refine its design and the M4 is the current pinnacle of that evolution. The toric lens features the brand’s new PERCEIVE technology to boost contrast in all lighting conditions and, to keep your style on-point, the frame accepts toric and cylindrical lenses to swap whenever you please. 

Anon Prime MIPS

The Prime MIPS combines the three essential things you want in a helmet: safety, comfort and style. Safety comes from the hybrid 50/50 shell and MIPS technology; comfort comes from the ergonomic fit and 23 active vents; and the style is immediately apparent when paired with the Anon M4 goggle.