The Gear Closet: Backcountry Essentials

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The Gear Closet: Backcountry Essentials

A. Backcountry Access BC Link Radio 2.0

Buy Now — $179.95

With a battery life of up to 40 hours and reliable connectivity to other radios up to six miles away, the BC Link Radio 2.0 is designed to make backcountry travel easier by promoting communication between team members. 

B. Backcountry Access Tracker S

Buy Now — $299.95

For the serious to recreational backcountry skier, the Tracker S provides top class search capabilities—including a Big Picture mode to identify and track down multiple burial victims—without any of the frills. 

C. Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Series Kit

Buy Now — $24.99

Including everything from blister pads to EMT-grade bandages, this lightweight medical set should live in your pack no matter how often you’re exploring the backcountry.

D. Garmin GPSMap 66i

Buy Now — $599.99

This super-capable pocket GPS from Garmin is a must-have for backcountry skiers who frequently spend long days—or weeks—away from civilization. With a three-inch color screen that shows preloaded topographic maps of all of North America, you’ll stay on track no matter how poor the visibility gets. In the case of an emergency, integrated two-way satellite communication and SOS function ensures you’ll be able to easily and quickly reach help.

E. Mammut Alugator Lite

Buy Now — $64.95

Mammut’s lightest avalanche shovel that also meets UIAA shovel certification, the Alugator Lite boasts a hardened, anodized aluminum construction, an oval-shaped telescopic shaft and sharpened blade; this shovel can be packed into a small daypack and still dig through bulletproof snow without missing a beat. 

F. Ortovox Alu 240 Light

Buy Now — $50

Lightweight and strong as an ox, the Alu 240 Light is geared for weight-conscious backcountry skiers. Its quick-assembly pull-cord will have you searching in mere seconds, while an oversized, reinforced tip ensures penetration into rock-solid snowpacks.

G. Mammut Barryvox S

Buy Now — $499.95

Mammut’s three-antenna beacon is also one of its easiest to use thanks to an intuitive, oversized visual display. With a 70-meter search area and a slew of software functions that make searching for multiple victims and honing on a buried individual easy, the Barryvox S is an ideal choice for snow professionals and recreational backcountry skiers, alike.

H. Arva Access Shovel

Buy Now — $39.95

Weighing just 510 grams and packable down to 42 centimeters long, the Access can be utilized as an everyday go-to for snow study and rescue situations.