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Big Sky Mountain Products Expert Skin

Expert Skin

Big Sky Mountain Products | $129.99

Widths: 115 mm, 130 mm, 145 mm

Bozeman, Montana-based Big Sky Mountain Products (BSMP) hangs its hat on the term, “Ballin’ on a Budget,” manufacturing all of its products in-house to minimize overhead and offer skiers top-notch backcountry products at reasonable prices. Its skins feature a unique direction-oriented plush fabric that provides consistent grip and is engineered to give users the hold and durability of nylon with the glide of mohair. The fibers are designed with stiffness in mind, for glue-like grip and bombproof durability, but are oriented at a low exit angle for smooth skinning. BSMP also employs a special adhesive to the backside of the skins that allows them to stick in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit and high as 70 degrees Fahrenheit, should you choose to subject yourself to those outrageous extremes. 

Snap Tail Connector:

The Expert Skins come with classic snap tail connectors that prevent the skins from coming undone and dragging behind you on the skin track. They also make for quick and easy transitions when it’s time to descend. 


BSMP’s unique plush provides the benefits of mohair and nylon skins in one package. The stiff fibers ensure grip and durability, while a specific exit angle woven into the fabric ensures they glide like a dream. 


BSMP combines optimal peel strength, a wide temperature range and balanced connection for a skin that stays attached to your skis no matter the weather conditions and won’t leave harmful residue on your ski bases when it’s time to rip ‘em off and rip it down.