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Christmas in July!? It’s the annual DPS Skis Dreamtime sale

Christmas in July!? It’s the annual DPS Skis Dreamtime sale

Every summer, Utah-based DPS Skis offers up its entire fleet of skis at a discount that’ll have you pinching yourself. Dubbed “Dreamtime,” this is the one and only chance to get your hands on a pair of next season’s planks with a smaller price tag. It’s also your only opportunity to get a pair of Special Edition skis–tried-and-true constructions with limited-edition top sheet designs–and Powderworks skis, which are powder-focused planks only available during the annual Dreamtime event.

This year, the limited-press Powderworks offerings—the Wailer 100 RP Tour and Lotus 138 Tour featured below—are highlighted by a brand new, lightweight yet powerful construction. Comprised of pre-preg carbon laminates mated with a purpose-built aerospace foam core and bolstered with wood stringers, these skis have been reconstructed from the ground-up offering a unique and satisfying ride while you’re searching for the deepest snow you can find. Please note: These Powderworks creations are the only skis not sold at a discount during Dreamtime.

The sale runs July 15 until August 1, 2019. Click here to shop DPS.

But DPS’ Dreamtime is more than just a ski sale. It’s an opportunity to escape from the dog days of summer and lose yourself in mid-winter powder dreams. Beyond the aforementioned limited-run offerings, the entire 2019-20 quiver—skis from the Alchemist, Tour1 and Foundation collections—is also on sale, with $200 knocked-off every ski’s regular price. Keep scrolling… maybe you’ll find your next pair of dream skis.

Powderworks Skis

DPS is taking an uphill approach to the Powderworks creations this year by reintroducing the Lotus 138 Tour and the Wailer 100 RP Tour. But don’t let their skin track prowess fool you, these powder-plundering planks were made with your deepest descents into the White Room in mind.

Powderworks Lotus 138 Tour

The Lotus 138 makes a valiant return to Dreamtime with a no-expenses-spared construction for effortless ease on the skin track and a downhill performance that will hit even the most sensitive pleasure nerves. An updated Spoon Tech chassis helps initiate smooth, flowing turns in deep snow, while a high-strength aerospace foam core and a proprietary carbon laminate make for a lightweight feeling on the up and one helluva surfy, rowdy, damp ride on the way down.

Powderworks Wailer 100 RP Tour

The Powderworks division of DPS created the holy grail of a touring ski with the inception of the Wailer 100 RP Tour, made for your longest days off-piste. Utilizing DPS’ Resort Powder shape–meaning: reduced rocker and early taper –adds maneuverability while a high-strength aerospace foam core and a new, proprietary carbon laminate make this one of the lightest, strongest and most versatile uphill-focused planks to ever slide on a mountain.

Dreamtime discounts, features and free gifts

  • $200 off Tour1 inline skis
  • $200 off Alchemist inline and Special Edition skis
  • $200 off Foundation inline skis
  • Free shipping with any order during Dreamtime
  • Free binding mount with binding purchase
  • Free DPS Trucker hat, 2019-20 catalog and DPS stickers with purchase
  • Opportunity to have Phantom, Permanent Waxless Glide applied –– $99.99 + $50 labor

Special Edition Skis

Sporting the same shape and construction of four of DPS’ most popular pre-preg, carbon-based Alchemist models, these Special Edition skis rock a limited-run top sheet only available during Dreamtime for you to stand out from the rest of the powder-hungry crowd.

Alchemist Wailer 112 RP

A DPS signature, the Wailer 112 is updated for 2019-20 with an ultra-smooth Alchemist construction and versatile-AF Resort Powder shape. Take these twigs out after a big storm, or a few days after, you’ll have an equal amount of fun plundering pow or tearing up the hard pack.

Alchemist Yvette 112 RP

No boyfriends on a pow day. The ladies-specific Yvette 112 is back for 2019-20, sporting an Alchemist construction—pure, pre-preg carbon fiber laminate accompanied by an Aspen wood core—and Resort Powder sidecut for all-mountain domination. Power through crud, play in deep snow and carve with ease; versatility is the name of the game with these beauties.

Alchemist Cassiar 94 C2

King of the front side and a true quiver-killer, the Cassiar 94 is a carving-focused offering from DPS with an all-mountain attitude. Here, the damp, versatile Alchemist construction will perform amazingly well as a daily-driver but will also excel a few days after a storm. Sporting a C2 Chassis that allows for easier turn initiation, this ski will still grip it and rip it when Ullr decides to take a week off.

Alchemist Uschi 94 C2

The widest chick in the Uschi line, the Uschi 94 is made for women who like to rip through soft snow all over the mountain. The Uchi’s 94-mm platform and carbon fiber-based Alchemist construction should make these your twig-of-choice a couple days after a storm, offering enough width underfoot to track right through chopped up snow. Meanwhile, the C2 Chassis instills confidence when the storm passes and you’re spending your days lapping frontside groomers.



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