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Operation Stats

Years Operating5
Terrain Accessed"Unlimited" (w/ yacht)
Annual Snowfall1,200 inches
Guest-to-Guide Ratio4:1
Lodging on SiteYes
Single Heli DropsYes
Heli/Cat TypesHelis: A-Star 350B | Cats: Thiokol Sprytes, Bombardier
Maximum Vertical6,500 vertical feet
Closest AirportVDZ, 10 min
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The skiing at Black Ops Valdez (BOV) is structured around Hobbs. The word is used to define the amount of time a helicopter is utilized, and BOV’s packages are built with a predetermined amount included. The Valdez, Alaska-based operation says the system allows guests to easily measure the value of their dollar. In short, visitors of BOV can size-up runs, compare that to their available Hobbs time and help make decisions on where to fly.

On average, six to 10 runs equates to one Hobbs hour. And BOV ensures that each skier will get what he or she pays for; the operation has a 100-percent guarantee. “If you are not able to burn the prepaid Hobbs time due to a weather or mechanical issue, then the value of the unused Hobbs time can be put towards a package for the following year,” says owner Josh Swierk.

And “what they pay for,” more specifically… is “everything from cruising, powdery glacier runs that go for miles, to steep spines and ramps, depending on the guests’ ability and desires,” says Swierk.

When you’re not enjoying helicopter life, you’ll be spending your time in the Robe Lake Lodge, log-cabin-inspired accommodations complete with all the fixin’s: hot tub, sauna, Wi-Fi, satellite TVs (although, the incredible Alaskan scenery should be enough to captivate your attention) and a private chef serving up mouth-watering steak and seafood.

And perhaps the most mind-boggling service BOV provides is its Yacht & Heli-Ski Boat packages. Yachts, helicopters and skiing? Yeah. The seven-day offering includes a stay upon The Christian sea vessel for up to eight people; scrumptious breakfasts, sack lunches and world-class dinners; 14 hours of flight time on a chopper that’ll pick you up and drop you off on the boat; and two professional guides. If you and your buddies can pony up the cash, the “Holy sh#t” trip of a lifetime is yours.

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