Völkl 100Eight W Skis 2017-2018

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One tester asserted quite appropriately, “If you want to go 108 MPH, the Völkl 100Eight is for you.” This beaut’ not only rips, it allows you to stay firmly in the driver’s seat while at speed. Völkl utilizes a raised central ridge that levels out on each side toward the edges in front of and behind the binding area; this reduces mass in the pivoting area of the ski, resulting in a pair of planks that are lightweight, agile and can turn on a dime. Carbon stringers lend further to stability while keeping weight savings in mind. A full rocker profile rounds out the package, allowing for optimal maneuverability across any and all snow conditions.

Additional Product Info

Ski Lengths: 157, 165, 173
Turn Radius: 19.7 m @ 173
Ski Dimensions:

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