Tecnica Zero G Peak Carbon

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Tecnica Zero G Peak Carbon

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RENOWNED FOR ITS PERFORMANCE-DRIVEN BOOTS, Tecnica has found recent success creating boots for exacting backcountry skiers. Until this season, though, it had yet to venture into the “ultralight touring” segment. At just under 1000 g, each of the three boots in the new Zero G Peak lineup—Tecnica Zero G Peak Carbon (featured here), Zero G Peak and Zero G Women’s—will now provide superior performance on both the ascent and descent on long-haul missions where every bit of weight matters.

“We knew we wanted to go lighter than the Zero G Tour,” Tecnica North American Product Manager Christian Avery said. “We wanted to build a boot that could go farther… [but] we wanted to do it in a Tecnica way, which would differentiate it from other products. We built these Zero G Peak boots with that same Tecnica DNA—our performance philosophy, fi t philosophy and customization philosophy.”

Ultralight touring boots typically have a completely open front, foregoing a traditional wrapped plastic design, in the name of weight savings and walk-ability. The entire Zero G Peak collection features a totally unique, zig-zagging, semi-overlap design, which helps skiers better control deformation of the lower shell in layman’s terms, this means the boot is designed to feel stiffer than most boots in this category and will hold its shape better on the downhill despite its feather-weight. The design also yields fit benefits by positioning the foot and ankle further back in the boot where it is most comfortable.

“The boot was built with the intention of walking as well as it needed to while being as light as it needed to be to get you to really interesting places,” Avery said. “The Zero G Peak has the performance to allow you to ski something you might have previously thought you couldn’t. Before this new line, you would have had to either make a trade-off on performance or bring a heavier product out there.”

Borrowing from the co-molded composition of the cuff of the Zero G Tour Pro, this new lineup features a unique co-injection technique throughout the lower boot to keep weight down without sacrificing performance; the Zero G Peak Carbon gets it in the cuff as well. By injecting a carbon fiber powder along with Grilamid plastic into the mold, Tecnica achieves a boot that weighs next-to-nothing but maintain with superior elasticity and downhill power.

When it’s time to hike, the Tecnica Zero G Peak Carbon features a single-lever T-Hike mechanism that provides a 75-degree range of motion for maximum walk-ability. It also features a pre-shaped, fully customizable C.A.S. Light Liner designed to integrate seamlessly with the boot for optimum heel hold.

“The Zero G Peak lineup is going to unlock potential for a lot of people that have been into the light touring segment or have thought about getting into it,” Avery said. “We have three boots here that will be happy complements to a lightweight ski and will make that package feel really balanced.”

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