Rossignol BlackOps Gamer

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Rossignol BlackOps Gamer

MSRP: $800.00

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Parker White and Chris Logan’s brainchild went blessedly unchanged for 2022, and remains the smashiest bulldozer in the pen. With an incredibly damp, stable layup, this ski was made to destroy PNW “pow”—better known as cement—and chew up big terrain like a baseball player chomps on bubblegum. But it’s not some directional tank. The near-perfectly twinned up tails make riding and landing switch almost as easy as P-White and Chris make it look, and though they’re not exactly light in the air, they feel very balanced. The BlackOps Gamer is one of the heaviest skis we’ve ever tested, but the weight is expertly paired with its flex pattern to give a confident, smooth ride, and those minimally tapered tips pull you smoothly into a turn like more carving focused all-mountain skis. Go ahead, take it to the parking lot.

FREESKIER tester thoughts:

“She fuckin’ goes bud. Made for pointing through whatever’s in your way.”

“Insanely stable and playful at the same time. Easy to get on edge for its wider width. Balanced and heavy, this one cuts out all the chatter.”

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