Prior Overlord Skis 2017-2018

MSRP: $650.00

One look at the shape of this ski and you can tell it exudes power. A rockered, 144 mm-wide tip (yielding a perfect float score), beefy 116 mm waist complete with traditional camber and squared off, 128 mm, rockered tail all aid in this ski’s quest to obliterate deep snow like a Sherman tank rolling into battle. “Mighty powerful ski,” noted one tester, “Rails turns with authority through powder. It’s nimble in tight terrain yet strong and stable at speed through the chop.” Even with its wide body the Overlord remains easily maneuverable thanks to quadraxial-woven fiberglass and two carbon stringers in the core—which reduce weight without sacrificing rigidity—to complement a stiff, sturdy maple wood core.

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Ski Lengths: 175, 183, 188, 193
Turn Radius: 19 @ 183
Ski Dimensions:

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