POC Obex SPIN Helmet 2018-2019

MSRP: $200.00

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One of the most innovative brain buckets on the market this year is the brand-new Obex SPIN helmet from POC. Constructed with an EPS liner, polycarbonate outer shell and ABS top, this helmet is lightweight yet ultra-protective thanks to the addition of POC’s patent-pending SPIN pads. This technology allows the helmet to move relative to the head in a shearing action to enhance oblique impact protection. This piece of equipment also boasts an interior size-adjustment system, sliding vent covers and integrated vents at the front of the helmet to prevent fogging and give you the most comfortable all-day wear. Whether you’re sticking to the front side, exploring off-piste or diving into the trees, the POC Obex SPIN will keep your noggin safe and sound.