Orage Spurr Jacket

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Orage Spurr Jacket

MSRP: $519.99

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Where has Orage been hiding for the last few years? We found out—the brand was cooking up new kits for you, as made evident by the badass Orage Spurr jacket and Gibson bib, featured here. This pair is a full 20K/20K three-layer DERMIZAX combo meal deal. It’s littered with thoughtfully placed, backpack-compatible pockets, including one with a strap that prevents your phone from getting lost in an unforeseen yard-sale. As for the overall look, our expert testers summed it up best, “The vibrant orange accent on the black dominant base and the tag on the right thigh gave me a stealthy look. From the lettering and logo design to the orange straps on the bib, the kit was a really suave look.” Bravo Orage, bravo.

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