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Oakley Fall Line XL Prizm React Goggles 2018-19

MSRP: $299.00

Buy Now — $299.00

The Fall Line XL jumps on the electrochromic lens train, and at first glance of the goggle, you may think, “Where’s the clunky battery pack? This just looks like a normal goggle.” Well, dear reader, Oakley has hidden the components within the goggle’s frame to maintain the sexy style the brand is known for. Simply push the button on the right side to increase lens tint when it’s bright out or hit the button on the left to decrease lens tint for graybird, stormy conditions. The Prizm React provides three lens tints and, depending on usage, boasts a battery that can last more than a week on a full charge. Of course, in addition to the electrochromic capabilities, the goggles come with Oakley’s renowned contrast- and color-boosting Prizm lens.