Line Sir Francis Bacon Skis 2017-2018

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Inspired by Eric Pollard (the master of effortless powder skiing), the Sir Francis Bacon is forgiving, lightweight and downright fun. Adjectives that appeared frequently in report cards included, “playful,” “poppy,” “surfy,” “light” and “responsive.” One tester summarized his enjoyable experience, saying, “this ski boasts an unbelievably fun flex pattern. They butter, smear, hop and pop all over. Excellent, high energy and springy carving.” A five-point radius allows for confident maneuverability and quick turning in tight spaces and sure-fire ripping at speed; sandwich sidewall construction lends to excellent edge hold; a symmetrical flex pattern is utilized for easy transitions between forward and switch riding; and a balsa wood core provides for a lightweight, snappy ride.

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Ski Lengths: 178, 184, 190
Turn Radius: 17.4
Ski Dimensions:

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