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Kicker Amphitheater Audio System

MSRP: $300.00

Buy Now — $300.00

This speaker system packs a punch. The aptly named device houses a 6-inch, rear-firing subwoofer, 5-inch mids and 3/4-inch tweeters to cover all your music from top to bottom. It measures approximately 9″x19″x9″ which is on the large side for a dock but the sound quality definitely makes up for this. The 30-pin connector on front dock is compatible with most Apple devices (thanks for ruining that, iPhone 5) and if you prefer to use an iPad over and iPhone or iPod, the speaker shape and backrest accommodate one nicely.

On top of the unit are four buttons: auxillary, mute, volume up and volume down. The power button is positioned, somewhat unfortunately, on the bottom rear of the unit, alongside a DC 24-volt port for power from your local wall socket, an auxillary input for the four people that don’t use apple devices and a USB charging port which is pretty handy. Also included is a sleek little remote that lets you control most of what you need: bass, treble, tracks, volume, play/pause and menu navigation.

To go along with the system, Kicker has introduced the Kickstart App. This free app lets you adjust the bass/treble, load and save preset EQs, use the speaker as an alarm or even engage something called Night Mode. Bringing the after party back to your house?  If you’re not completely blacked out you might be willing to turn on night mode which automatically limits your volume level to avoid the neighbors calling the cops or roommates telling you to go to hell.