Kästle TX103

Kästle TX103

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Austrians are no strangers to inter-mountain travel, so it comes as no surprise that the Kästle TX103 is a day-in-day-out performer in high-alpine terrain. Triaxial fiberglass, carbon and paulownia-poplar wood form the core of this semi-cap sandwich and provide a ski of an agreeable weight. Kästle’s Luminous Hollowtech 2.0 tip now glows in the dark—which is a bit of a novelty, if you ask us—but is designed to help illuminate the skin track when the sun is low in the sky. The tip of the ski features “Progressive Rise” tip, which is the most pronounced rocker in the Kästle TX lineup, and a touch of early rise in the tail to add maneuverability. All-in-all, the Kästle TX103 is a precisely built, Austrian touring machine.

FREESKIER quick notes:

Stiff enough for the biggest lines on your radar, the mid-waisted Kästle TX103 blends big-mountain capability with powder-hunting prowess.

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Ski Lengths: 165, 173, 181, 189
Turn Radius: 19 m @ 181 cm
Ski Dimensions: