J Skis the hotshot

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J skis The Hotshot

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Whoa nelly! We were huge fans of The Metal, the predecessor of the new Hotshot from J Skis—and we’re always a little hesitant when brands mess with a favorite—but Levinthal really proved us wrong on this one. Subtle tweaks to the taper profile and sidecut work magic on this ski, it’s both more stable on firm and rough snow due to the extended sidecut and surfier on wind lips. The heavy maple core delivers smooth and powerful turns and becomes a massive stomp pad for big landings where weight is your friend. Lev made the Hotshot for showing off under the Hollywood line, so point ‘em and hop into the spotlight!

FREESKIER tester thoughts:

“How versatile can you get? Step on the gas when you want. Shut it down whenever.”

“The Metal used to be one of my favorites. The Hotshot improves on it in the every way. SO sick, SO fun, SO HOT.”

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