J Skis the friend

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J Skis The Friend

MSRP: $799.00


Freeskier Rating

Ski Lengths: 177 cm, 183 cm, 189 cm

Turn Radius: 18.5 m @ 183 cm

Ski Dimensions:


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Jason Levinthal has a gift for making skis that can handle super burly terrain while still feeling both easy and fun to ski. The Friend is no exception and, for another year in a row, it’s one of the best pow skis we’ve tested. Shockingly nimble for its massive size (and weight), we couldn’t believe it was 117 mm underfoot. Levinthal insisted that we lay it all the way over and trust it and, man, was he right. This thing feels like it has the edge hold of a 100 mm all-mountain ski that still performs when the powder is chopped up or skied out, but in the deep it’s a quick, surfy shortboard. If we had to take a mystery trip in March to the Western US, we’d take this ski for its sheer versatility.

FREESKIER quick notes:

“I would make this my daily driver, it skis so well for 117 underfoot. Everything is fun with this friend.”

“My best friend on a deep day—this ski just wants you to cruise with ease, slash some snow, pretend to be a stone skipping mogul skier and never turn back.”

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