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Icelantic Nomad 105 Lite Skis 2017-2018

MSRP: $749.00


Freeskier Rating

Ski Lengths: 161, 171, 181, 191

Turn Radius: 19 @ 181

Ski Dimensions:


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An experienced nomad knows traveling light is key to success. The same wisdom applies to Icelantic’s Nomad 105 Lite—a brand-new touring-centric ski with serious freestyle capabilities that testers described as “well-rounded” and “maneuverable.” An ochroma wood core (a variation of balsa wood) is to thank for said weight reduction, and rest assured it holds up damn well when the time comes to really charge. To further increase on-hill performance, the ski also has tip and tail rocker as well as camber underfoot—everything you need for day-in and day-out versatility. “Insane that it is intended for touring… This thing absolutely pounds,” said one impressed tester. Icelantic also throws in a three-year, no questions asked warranty—thrash away, friends.