Icelantic Nia Pro 105

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Icelantic Nia Pro 105

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WHEN ICELANTIC SET OUT TO DEVELOP ITS FIRST WOMEN’S PRO MODEL, the brand asked its female athletes what their dream ski would look like when it came to dimensions, flex, materials and artwork. What those pros wanted and what eventually became the Icelantic Nia Pro 105 was not a big, burly, cambered ski with two sheets of metal for only the most aggressive skiers around. No, the Nia Pro is a fully rockered, playful ski set at 105-mm underfoot that loves to carve thanks to its Reflective Rocker sidecut.

“The whole idea with this ski is to have something that excels across the board but is ultimately very, very fun,” Icelantic Director of Operations John Douthit said. “It definitely checks that box—this thing is a blast, particularly on deep days. It is super stable for stomping big drops, it is a ski you can jib and throw around, and thanks to the Reflective Rocker it has a really intuitive edge that enables it to carve with the best of ‘em.”

The Nia Pro’s Reflective Rocker means that the full rocker profile mirrors the sidecut radius. This makes for a ski that can be playful and surfy but also a powerful tool to charge because you’re able to engage the entire edge. Combine that with a relatively stiff flex, and the ski remains stable at speed and provides a solid platform for stomping landings. Going into its third season, the Nia Pro is sure to turn heads thanks to wildflower-inspired topsheet graphics.

“It is my daily driver and it is a pretty sexy ski with those sunflowers,” Icelantic Marketing Director Hanna Whirty said. “I get a lot of comments and compliments on the chairlift.”

The artwork is inspired by Icelantic Athlete, Sun Valley local Amy David, and her love for wildflowers. The first-year graphics featured fireweed, a common wildflower in David’s home state of Idaho, and the idea has evolved with each season.

“The topsheet wildflowers symbolize the Nia because wildflowers add depth, stability and nutrients to the soil through their roots while also bringing a sense of flourishing as individuals growing and blooming in vibrant colors,” David said. “Wildflowers are very resilient and can embrace the storms in the mountains.”

The full poplar wood core of the Icelantic Nia Pro 105 is wrapped in fiberglass but also features 20 mm of rubber around by the edges, and in the tip and tail. The addition of this rubber helps to eliminate any potential chatter. The result is an extremely damp, fully rockered ski—unique for its reverse camber shape.

“It used to be nearly impossible to find reverse camber in anything narrower than 115-mm underfoot… let alone in a women’s ski,” Icelantic Athlete Rachel Croft said. “I hope more women will look past the stigma of reverse camber and give the Nia Pro a chance to transform them into powerful, confident skiers.”

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