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Foon Redneck Superstar Skis – 2016

MSRP: $899.00

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115+ MM Freeride Ranking: #12

This Foon Redneck Superstar Skis are intended for folks who slay pow on the reg. It’s also well suited to high speed shredders thanks to a burly, yet lightweight yellow cedar core. Hefty rocker in the tip and tail provide for a fl oaty ride in the deep stuff and the crud, too. “Powder, yes! Crud, yes!” wrote one tester about this ski. “Excellent fl oat, super light but still supremely stable,” said another. It’s quite nimble, as well. Should you desire an easy-to-maneuver option for the trees or for slashing around the hill, this will serve you well. Three testers commented along the lines of “fun ride, easy to throw around.”

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