Folsom Rapture

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Folsom Rapture

MSRP: $1,450.00


Freeskier Rating

Ski Lengths: 182 cm, 186 cm, 192 cm, 196 cm

Turn Radius: 25 m @ 186 cm

Ski Dimensions:


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One of the (many) perks of a custom ski is that you can get out whatever you’re willing to put in. And while the version of the Folsom Rapture we tested in Aspen wasn’t fully customized, we still got a taste of what Folsom is able to build at its shop in Denver. We hopped on the shallow-reverse camber profile version, which, combined with the massive 120 mm waist, floated like a dream in the light, Rocky Mountain snow blanketing Ajax Mountain. The full rocker profile is not only loose and pivoty, but when we tipped it over, the edge engaged over the full length of the ski. The solid wood core and paired rocker and sidecut profile made this ski feel unbelievably versatile for a 120 mm board. If you trust it, the Folsom Rapture will perform anywhere you want to go.

FREESKIER tester thoughts:

“Loose and surfy. Full reverse camber makes carving a little weird, but this is the surfiest ski I tried at Ski Test. Nice flex pattern to match. Strong underfoot and soft out the ends.”

“There’s no doubt—I’d buy this ski.”

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