Fischer Ranger 98 Ti Skis 2017-2018

MSRP: $750.00

Fischer’s Ranger series impressed our testing squad, big time, and chief among that line-up is the ever-impressive 98 Ti. If you prefer a directional ski that isn’t afraid of pivoting on a dime, the Ranger is for you. Built with a beech/poplar core, carbon nose and titanium inserts, the ski is equipped to take on the burliest of objectives while also delivering top-notch everyday performance, both on- and off-piste. Its “Aeroshape” cuts out unnecessary material to reduce weight, resulting in a smooth, cambered design; i.e. engaging these suckers in a turn is easy-peezy. “This ski inspires fuzzy feelings in the belly,” described one tester. “Super stiff but forgiving. Incredibly lightweight and easy to slash and throw sideways.”

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Ski Lengths: 172, 180, 188
Turn Radius: 18 m @ 180
Ski Dimensions:

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