Fischer Ranger 102 FR WS

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Fischer Ranger 102 FR WS

MSRP: $699.00


Freeskier Rating

Ski Lengths: 158 cm, 163 cm, 170 cm, 177 cm, 184 cm, 191 cm

Turn Radius: 18 m @ 177 cm

Ski Dimensions:


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Made to maneuver, Fischer’s Ranger 102 FR WS is a fan-favorite for its pocket knife-like versatility. The ski’s carbon sandwich construction paired with a Carbon Nose provides light-on-your-feet confidence whether you’re tearing up fresh corduroy or sneaking out to your secret stash, while the twinned tail allows for switch skiing and easy drifting through a few inches of fresh. Progressive ladies with a penchant for going fast and big will thrive on the Ranger 102 FR WS — no matter if it’s low tide or the deepest day of the season. Fischer maintains a genderless approach to its ski lineup and offers this hot pink option in lengths ranging from 153 cm all the way up to 191 cm.

FREESKIER tester thoughts:

“Carves, slashes, rips, dips, ducks, dives and charges. Stability that doesn’t sacrifice fun and play.”

“I found it easy to free the tail from a wide turn into creamy schmears. This ski rails while being smoother than Prince on the dance floor.”

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