Faction Dictator 2.0 Skis 2017-2018

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“It’s a super stiff and stable ski that loves to go fast…” was a sentiment shared by, well, everyone, about the all-new Faction Dictator 2.0. Testers described this ski using words like, “rocket,” “railer,” “charger” and “pinner.” This flat-tail, dual-radius ski boasts a paulownia and poplar core, supplemented by two layers of Titanal; the wood core combo provides excellent response and rebound while the metal ensures dampness and stability. A longer radius in the tail lends to excellent control when you’re maxing out the speedometer and a shorter turn radius up front provides nimbleness and maneuverability for trees, bumps, etc. Tip and tail rocker also enhance quick-turning and/or crud busting experiences. Faction built this ski for those, “who want to ski at Mach 10 everywhere they can.” Do you fit the bill?

Additional Product Info

Ski Lengths: 171, 175, 179, 183, 187
Turn Radius: 18/21 m @ 175
Ski Dimensions:

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