Elan Ripstick 104 Tour

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Elan Ripstick Tour 104

MSRP: $1,000.00

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WITH THE HELP OF GLEN PLAKE, ONE OF THE MOST ICONIC CHAMPIONS OF OUR SPORT, Elan created a super light ski for avid backcountry skiers who like to travel far and wide, hunting for steep, remote lines. The Elan Ripstick Tour 104 is all-new for 2023, building on the successes of the all-mountain Ripstick line. The Tour 104 is a skier’s ski, for people who like to work hard for the perfect turn. Testers agree that for those that live for massive springtime corn harvests, the Tour 104 is your ticket to glory.

“I wanted to create a ski that was built for my standards and uses, and if it didn’t fit the mold of touring skis like it in the market, I didn’t care,” said Plake. “It’s light, of course, but it’s also surprisingly durable and able to handle almost anything. It’s extremely easy to ski in all conditions and terrain, including the unexpected: wind scour, avy debris and breakable crust.”

Keeping the Amphibio Profile with distinct, asymmetric left and right ski designs, the Tour 104 is akin to its in-bound Ripstick cousins but features Carbon Bridge Technology, one carbon rod through the middle of the ski for stability and maximum weight savings. Added rocker in the tip and tail outside edge give you bonus agility, while the differently shaped inner edge establishes more stability at higher speeds. This was a fan favorite in the original Ripstick and is replicated in the new Tour 104.

FREESKIER testers celebrated the Elan Ripstick Tour 104 for its ability to handle less-than-great conditions without the weight of heavier and bulkier touring skis. However, the Ripstick Tour 104 isn’t meant to charge. It wasn’t designed that way, says Plake. “I wanted a touring ski that was specifically for tech bindings, allowing me to move freely in the mountains, up and down. It’s neutral and calm, good for anyone who wants a light, wide-body touring ski.”

Unsurprisingly, the Tour 104 is incredibly efficient on the ascent,Once you point your tips, it feels great in powder and is able to carve and slash at will, making it one of the better skis for all-around backcountry use, and the perfect ski for long tours full of multiple descents, big vert and extended mileage.

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