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Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour Boots 2018-2019

MSRP: $800.00

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While the new Hoji Pro Tour’s 1,450-gram weight per boot, low-profile nose, 55-degree walk-mode range of motion and 11 degrees of forward lean are all highlights, it’s the innovative Hoji Lock System that’s the true standout. A sliding mechanism between the upper cuff and shell allows both upper and lower cuffs to function independently from one another in walk mode. And, when the lever on the spine is switched up, a system of cables automatically loosens the tension of the upper buckle. Together, this negates the need to unbuckle while touring, which is often a tactic that allows for better freedom of movement. When the switch is in ski mode, the buckle reverts to optimal tension, ensuring a strong hold on your foot during the descent. Legendary pro skier and gear tinkerer Eric “Hoji” Hjorleifson is behind this boot’s design, and we back his efforts 100 percent.