Dalbello Veloce 120 GW

MSRP: $699.99

Buy Now — $699.99

The new Dalbello Veloce line, including the Dalbello Veloce 120 GW, offers medium-width overlap boots for resort skiers who want four-buckle performance, but don’t prioritize the vice grip of a race boot. Utilizing Autofit, the Veloce 120’s tongue has memory foam which molds to the shape of each skier’s shin, increasing performance and also comfort by eliminating shin bang and cramping from over-tightening the buckles. The shell and liner receives Dalbello’s Contour Technology, that maps and pre-forms these common areas for better fit. This Contour 5 tech also has a little extra material in the shell to allow for easier punching and stretching with your boot fitter—so you can achieve a most comfortable fit without crushing your feet.

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