Black Crows Atris

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Black Crows Atris

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SINCE BLACK CROWS FIRST RELEASED THE ATRIS IN 2014, it’s been a go-to for big-mountain skiers all over the world. Now in its third iteration and sporting an updated topsheet, the Black Crows Atris soars into the 2022-23 season with admittedly subtle yet significant design tweaks that make this plank a touch more versatile and approachable for whoever decides to take it out for a rip. A 105-mm waist combined with progressive tip rocker offers a wide enough platform to float on top while classic camber underfoot and a slightly straighter sidecut provides the right amount of grip and stability in variable conditions. “Everyday ski is absolutely right,” says Adrian Bouthot. “Perfect for blasting pow bumps, ripping groomers and sending cliffs.”

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