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Backcountry Access T3 Avalanche Rescue Package 2017-2018

MSRP: $420.00

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Thanks to this awesome bundle, BCA has made it exceptionally easy for novice backcountry skiers to get their hands on the essential gear for venturing out-of-bounds. The T3 Avalanche Rescue Package comes with the Tracker3 avalanche transceiver, Stealth 270 probe and B-1 EXT shovel. The three-antennae beacon utilizes an instantaneous real-time display as well as a “big picture” mode and signal suppression components for multiple burial scenarios; the Stealth 270 enables a fast, easy assembly and features highly-visible depth markers for intuitive searching; and the extendable B-1 EXT shovel has an amazing strength-to-weight ratio and packs down nice and small. All told, there’s a lot to love, here.