Armada Locator 112

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Armada Locator 112

MSRP: $950.00

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A SURFY POWDER BOARD WITH LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION THAT YOU CAN HAUL TO THE TOP while leaving plenty of gas left in the tank, the 112-waisted Armada Locator 112 is the girthy top dawg of Armada’s new freeride touring series. Massive float and a super stable design allowed testers to charge big lines with speed and confidence. A light karuba wood core keeps things nimble on the up-track while carbon reinforcements boost stiffness and energetic rebound when popping off cliffs and arcing big turns down steep faces. Testers reported stability and lack of chatter, even when conditions firmed up, thanks to a long turn radius and gentle rocker, although the Locator 112 definitely shines brightest while maching through the deep. If the Armada Locator 112 is a little burlier than you’re seeking, the Locator series also features 88-, 96-, and 104 mm skis.

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