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Armada JJ 2.0 skis – 2015

MSRP: $900.00

Buy Now — $900.00

The Armada JJ 2.0 skis received an update along with rave reviews, this year. Modifications include a longer turn radius and a more gradual taper, equating to greater control. The good ol’ five-point sidecut remains, and testers were quick to report on the ski’s robust carvability. “Turns on a dime,” said one. “Rides like a bangin’ Russian supermodel.” Testers also dug its playful nature. “Pops off the nose and tail like a boss,” reported another. “Pinned her down the banks of [Aspen’s] Copper Bowl popping every pow bump in sight.” A score of 4.64 in the playfulness department speaks for itself.