Deep Dive: Zipline launches the Hex 16.0 pole and KLIK goggle

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Deep Dive: Zipline launches the Hex 16.0 pole and KLIK goggle

Born out of Baltimore, Maryland, from the mastermind of former U.S. Ski Team member Chuck Heidenreich, Zipline Ski provides skiers—from avid amateurs to Olympic professionals—the products they not only want but need to thoroughly enjoy their time on the slopes. From ski poles to goggles, gloves, moguls pants and other accessories, Zipline has made a name for itself since the brand first launched in 2014. 

Later that year, Zipline became an official supplier of the U.S. Ski Team, providing poles and goggles to Olympic athletes, including the halfpipe master, David Wise, who has won an Olympic Gold & Silver Medal since starting to use the poles in 2016. The brand was so well-liked by athletes in 2018, Heidenreich was able to secure a second Olympic partnership at the 2022 Beijing Winter Games for his young business. 

From ultra-light yet durable ski poles to high-contrast goggle lenses, Zipline understands it’s the littlest design features that can make all the difference for an athlete. As is the case with the Zipline Hex 16.0 ski pole. Featuring graphite composite technology, the Hex 16.0 is the lightest ski pole in the brand’s entire lineup yet reduces unwanted vibration and other feedback to near zero. The hexagon shape of the pole may seem subtle but it actually helps reduce the pole’s swing weight and significantly increases its durability, while the carbide “zip tip,” a small disk basket and ergonomic grip make it smooth and simple to pole plant, no matter the conditions. 

“The Hex 16.0 is our lightest pole ever,” says Heidenreich. “The unique hexagon shape makes the pole 10% lighter and stiffer than comparable round pole designs. We believe this could be the shape of the future.”

When it comes to keeping our eyes on the prize—AKA the slopes—Zipline ensures the quality of its new KLIK goggles will never leave you feeling like you need to take a second glance at your line. Featuring a new and improved magnetic lens changing system, the KLIK goggles make it possible to swap out one of the 10 available lenses in less than 10 seconds for optimal clarity no matter the weather. An anti-fog coating on the inside lens as well as a robust venting system on the frame of the goggle, foggy goggles should be a pain of the past. If you’re someone who pays attention to what the pros are wearing, you’ll notice the KLIK is the goggle of choice for Zipline’s Olympic and World Cup athletes. And for good reason. 

“The unique design combines the ease of magnetic lenses with the technology of our “KLIK” system for extra security,” ensures Chuck. 
Zipline does not have a brick-and-mortar store anywhere in the country, which means the best place to shop Zipline products is directly from the brand’s online store. Click here to learn more about the brand and its wide array of ski products.