Fornix SPIN Helmet

Shown with: Fovea Clarity Comp Goggle

The Fornix is reborn. This classic now features an extended PC shell that covers the helmet underbody, SPIN (Shearing Pad INside), adjustable venting and a completely new size adjustment system—making it easier for any user to find a secure and comfortable fit.

Ospin Goggle

With a cylindrical lens from Zeiss that’s optimized for an extremely large field-of-view, this goggle inspires trust in vision. Interchangeable lenses make it easy for any user to switch to the right lens for prevailing conditions. Additionally, the triple layer face foam ensures comfort on even the coldest days.

Nivalis Sunglasses

Extra protection at the sides of the eyes and extra-dark lenses make the Nivalis an optimal choice for glacier and backcountry use. Adjustable temples ensure a personalized fit, snap-in hinges improve durability and hydrophilic rubber nose pads and temples give users a secure fit even during strenuous activities.

Aspire Clarity Sunglasses

The Aspire Clarity features a lightweight Grilamid frame that provides flexibility and durability. The glasses feature a hydrophilic rubber nosepiece and flexible temples to ensure a secure fit and Clarity lens from optical industry leader Carl Zeiss to control the color spectrum for enhanced contrast and color definition.

Orb Clarity Goggle

See more and see better with the Orb Clarity. Featuring Clarity lenses developed by optical industry leader Carl Zeiss, the Orb Clarity ensures enhanced vision in changing conditions. Innovative frame construction ensures field-of-view is maximized in all directions, complementing the toric lens shape that provides minimal distortion.

Obex BC SPIN Helmet

The helmet that can speak for you. Thanks to an NFC Medical ID chip, rescuers can get the information they need in an instant at the scene of an injury and provide you the best treatment possible. This helmet is designed for enhanced traceability and durability.

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