Russian street skiing showcased in Life Steeze Media’s “Earthshine” trailer

May 10th, 2013 by

While Russia will play host to the 22nd Winter Olympic Games in February, complete with rules and regulations galore, the dudes at  aim to show us a different side of skiing in the world’s largest country—one decidedly less structured.  Featuring plenty of rails, wallrides, drops and gaps, Earthshine gives the viewer a unique take on life in the streets of Moscow. Earthshine will be released November 3 for free online.

Featured Athletes: Dmitriy Makrushin, Arkadiy Kazakov, Nickolay Yarlikov, Yuriy Moiseev, Alexander Volkov, Sergey Spiridonov, Denis Leontyev, Maxim Kruglov, Pavel Peshin and others.

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About the author:
A 24-year-old Montana native, Shane Dowaliby is the Video Editor here at Freeskier.