Which of these print advertisements is best? See what other skiers dig

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With more and more brands entering our space, and with the perennial favorites always working to make a splash, we’ve seen a great deal of marketing brain power come to fruition this season in the form of print advertisements. As we’re always curious to discover what exactly resonates with you, our extended family, we’re polling the masses this week to inquire about your stoke level as pertaining to the 15 ads below.

The Freeskier staff sorted through all of the advertisements that were featured in this year’s magazines (Volume 16), and narrowed ’em down to the selections you’ll see on this page; these picks represent some of the ads we felt were memorable, and they also represent a cross section of the vast variety of advert styles that are displayed in the magazine. With this in mind, we ask you to spend a moment analyzing each ad and rank your “stoke score” accordingly. The data will be collected and packaged for a special, trade-oriented edition of Freeskier, to be released in conjunction with the SIA Snow Show in late January.


Anon [poll id=”46″]


Dakine [poll id=”47″]


Eira [poll id=”48″]


Faction [poll id=”49″]


Giro [poll id=”50″]


GoPro [poll id=”51″]


Hestra [poll id=”52″]


Freeskier_K2_Gatefold [poll id=”53″]


Keystone [poll id=”54″]


Oakley [poll id=”55″]


Orage [poll id=”56″]


Shred [poll id=”57″]


Spy [poll id=”58″]


The North Face [poll id=”59″]


Under Armour [poll id=”60″]

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