Top 10 Skis: The best big-mountain skis of 2014

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Skiers who enjoy heading into the backcountry to scale monstrous peaks, charge steep, fall line terrain and find a little bit of powder along the way, need a ski specific to their needs. The ski must have enough float to stay on top of the deep, and must also be stable to perform in variable conditions. The skis need to be versatile to navigate a variety of terrain and conditions with ease. A total of 24 big-mountain skis received Editor’s Picks in our 2014 Buyer’s Guide, but below are the top 10—the baddest, burliest, best big-mountain sticks of the year.

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1. Armada Norwalk

Overall Score: 21.27

“‘It’s like the TST on ’roids,’ said one tester about this ski. Wider than the TST and sporting a 19 meter turning radius (@179), the Norwalk is built for the most aggressive skiers…” Click for full review and scores.

2. Nordica Helldorado


Overall Score: 21.10

“The ‘Helldo’ returns to Nordica’s lineup this year to the delight of many. It still boasts the exact same shape as the Patron, but two sheets of metal make it just a little more badass than its little brother…” Click for full review and scores.

3. Armada TST


Overall Score: 20.73

“Bagging a 4.36 in the versatility department, the TST ‘can do just about everything.’ This comment from one of our testers was echoed by many others, speaking to its all-mountain prowess…” Click for full review and scores.

4. Blizzard Cochise


Overall Score: 20.59

“Blizzard’s Cochise is revered for its rock solid stability and carving prowess. ‘One mean motherf#cker,’ said one tester. ‘If Quentin Tarantino made skis rather than movies, this would be the product.'” Click for full review and scores.

5. K2 Shreditor 112

Overall Score: 20.52

“A completely new mold for 2013-14, the Shreditor 112 features the rocker characteristics of its big brother, the Pettitor, with a smaller tip profile…” Click for full review and scores.

6. Kästle FX104


Overall Score: 20.44

“The FX 104 is not for the faint of heart. This badass, mother of a ski charges from top to bottom and doesn’t apologize for anything…” Click for full review and scores.

7. Kästle XX110 West


Overall Score: 20.10

“The XX110 returns to the lineup unchanged this year, and that’s fine by us. These playful shred sticks earned their ‘freestyle’ designation as they are certainly softer…” Click for full review and scores.

8. Salomon Q105


Overall Score: 20.06

“The brand new Q105 brings a great blend of float, playfulness and stability to the table. The directional design, with rocker in the tip along with camber underfoot…” Click for full review and scores.

9. HEAD Collective 105


Overall Score: 19.85

“Part of the new Flight Series, the Collective 105 features tip and tail rocker as well as Head’s stabilizer system…” Click for full review and scores.

10. Moment Deathwish


Overall Score: 19.70

“The Deathwish employs Moment’s Dirty Mustache Rocker: rocker in the tip and tail, low camber underfoot and focused points of camber in front of and behind the foot…” Click for full review and scores.

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