MMWUC: Three ski film trailers and the 2013 “amazing people compilation”

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In this week’s edition of the #MMWUC, we give you three rad ski film trailers, Jossi Wells’ recently released 2012 throwback edit, the latest “awesome people compilation,” TV news bloopers and more. Enjoy, and make it a great day out there.

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Best of the Shred

Legs of Steel drops official trailer for “THE LOSt.”

Nipwitz drops badass teaser for two-year project, “Brain Massage.”

Shay Lee and Sandy Boville star in “Videotrip” trailer.

Jossi Wells drops “Late,” an action-packed 2012 throwback edit.

JP Auclair goes skiing in Beverly Hills.

Best of the Rest

Amazing people compilation, 2013.

Best TV reporter/animal bloopers.

Killer whale steals fish.

Barbie Jeep gets some horsepower.

Underground bike parking in Japan. Say goodbye to that U-lock.

Want more? Here’s how a day in the Whistler backcountry almost went wrong for Tom Wallisch.

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