Gear Girl: Socks and bikini bottoms, what more could you need?

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Comfort is key, whether it’s the comfort of your foot inside of your ski boot, or your general comfort level in (and around) a hot tub setting. You’ll feel better knowing you look good, right? This winter, we’re here to ensure you’re covered in both regards.


Bikini Bottoms: Powder Room, Cut N’ Sew Retro. $60
Socks: Dakine, Women’s Thinline. $18


Bikini Bottoms: Roxy, Outdoor Fitness Surf Ready. $42
Socks: Fits, Light Ski Women’s. $24

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This article originally appeared in the 2013 October issue of Freeskier, Volume 16.2. Freeskier Magazine is available via the iTunes newsstand.

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