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Faction releases rough cut of Verbier segment from “This Is Home”; go behind the scenes and see clips that never made the movie

Featured Image: Tristan Shu

In 2017, Faction released a first-of-its-kind team edit called This Is Home that garnered the attention and acclaim of everyone in the industry. Bringing together its entire roster of athletes, pairing and grouping them to ski in each other’s respective hometowns, the Verbier, Switzerland-based ski manufacturer showcased the legion of talent that represents its brand in a feature-length, team-oriented stoke fest.

Now, go behind the scenes of the movie’s closing segment in Verbier in this “Rough Cut,” straight from the editing room at Faction. Featuring Duncan Adams, Adam Delorme, Alex Hall, Tim McChesney, Antti Ollila, Eirik Sæterøy, Pablo Schweizer and Henry and Kelly Sildaru performing at the top of their game, this edit showcases nearly 20 minutes of unseen footage shot around the natural playground that is Verbier Ski Resort.

Usually, all we see in a ski video are the most captivating clips set to an amazing soundtrack—immortalizing these riders by only showing their best moments. It’s edits like the one featured above that humanize our favorite skiers, reminding us that, yes, they too fall down, mess up and, most importantly, have fun while skiing; a great reminder that the pros we idolize most are just doing their favorite thing in the world, just like us.

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