Revision Skis unveils its lineup of twin-tip skis, available now

Revision Skis unveils its lineup of twin-tip skis, available now

After spending the 2013/14 ski season building, testing and developing prototypes, Revision Skis officially launched its website and online shop this morning. The company embraced the talents of its multi-faceted team of riders, who rode the skis all year, to develop the models set to launch today. Learn more about the company via the press release below, and be sure to head over to its website for more information about the skis.

Press Release, Vail Mountain, CO:

This fall, Revision Skis is officially launching its brand of freestyle skis to the snowsports industry. Last winter, Revision Skis worked with a varied group of freestyle skiers to develop a product lineup that appealed specifically to this group of athletes. Revision Skis’ products were tested and designed by skiers on the AFP Slopestyle Skiing World Tour and while filming movie segments of urban and backcountry skiing with Level 1 Productions, The Bunch, and La Familia. Revision Skis will be releasing two models of twin-tip skis this fall: the Subtraction and the Talisman. The Subtraction is a rockered powder ski, while the Talisman is a freestyle, all-mountain ski with early rise.

“After riding Revision Skis this past year, testing out prototypes, giving feedback and repeating the steps, I’m really looking forward to this upcoming winter. Revision is a tight-knit company that understands what I and other skiers look for in a ski. I’m confident with all the product development the company and I have put in, that this winter’s line up is going to be a must-have. Playful, durable and affordable are things that I feel are key in a ski and Revision Skis has really grasped this,” shared Level 1 athlete Sandy Boville.

“With the intensive prototyping process we went through this year, along with rider feedback from skiers who know what they want in a ski, the skis are already on point and only going to get better,” said Woodward at Copper coach, Chris McKeever. “It’s sick to hear kids talking about Revision Skis at Woodward; all of my campers are asking me when they can get their hands on a pair. It’s been a pleasure to be working with a brand that is rider driven and influenced. Revision Skis is more of a family of skiers with a passion, and we are all putting our passion towards developing a brand that fits our lifestyle, as well as a quality ski.”

“I spent most of last season doing intense skiing on the AFP World Tour and I was able to put down some of the best runs of my life thanks to my Revision park skis. Over the course of the season, it was awesome to see my feedback from intense contests incorporated into the design of the skis,” explained slopestyle skier, Ian Hamilton. “I had an absolute blast testing the Talisman for the first time in my home state of Montana at the Beartooth Summer Session. It was a perfect ski for a contest that necessitated skiing both steep cliff terrain and park features; it murders all over the mountain and helped me put down the winning run.”

Mike King of La Familia stated, “Revision Skis is a rider-owned, rider-influenced company that values the core of the ski industry. Revision Skis supports creativity, style, and having fun with homies where the rider feedback is directly implemented in the ski production.”

Tobias Sedlacek of The Bunch shared, “I rode Revision Skis all season filming for the new Bunch movie. We filmed everything from the streets of Sweden to deep powder in Canada and I have to say that from day one it felt like a perfect match to my type of riding. From going big in the streets to doing tech tricks in the park, they worked very well and look great too. Revision Skis is all about having fun and the company truly strives to help their riders develop a unique style.”

“Last winter, I rode Revision Skis’ prototypes and they performed really well in deep snow as well as the groomers. My skis were super lofty and very stable in the air when hitting jumps. The standard camber gave me the edge control I needed on more difficult rails. The edges on my skis were super durable and I hardly ever experienced a cracked edge while filming urban,” explained Sam Zahner of the Beast Coast webisode series.

Revision Skis spent last season working closely with a varied group of skiers in order to create a product lineup that would appeal to the individuality of the athletes. The Subtraction and Talisman skis are a reflection of the product development completed by this group of freestyle skiers.

Revision Skis is a small, word-of-mouth company that is stoked on freestyle skiing and the creativity that it fosters. Revision Skis makes skis that they personally love to ride because they know their passion will translate to other skiers.

For more about Revision Skis, be sure to visit its website: RevisionSkis.com.


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