North Korea building “world class” ski resort

North Korea building “world class” ski resort

Kim-Jong Un, supreme leader of North Korea, appears to have a soft spot for the sport of skiing from his school days in Switzerland. North Korea is in the process of building a “world class” ski resort on 2,520 foot Masik Hill in the Kangwon Province. This area typically receives heavy snowfall from November until March. The resort will be home to a hotel, heliport and cableway. No opening date has been set for the resort. Photos were released last week of Kim Jong-Un speaking with staff members in front of the building site.

“He was greatly satisfied to learn that soldier-builders have constructed a skiing area on mountain ranges covering hundreds of thousands of square meters, including primary, intermediate and advanced courses with almost 110,000 meters (68.3 miles) in total length and 40-120 meters (131-394 feet) in width,” said an accompanying Korean Central News Agency report.

The ski resort will be open to foreign travel. Would you travel to North Korea to go skiing?

For more information on the ski resort, click here.

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