@kenharrmann is your first finalist in the #FreeskierFanFest contest

@kenharrmann is your first finalist in the #FreeskierFanFest contest

As you may be aware, we’re dishing out a pair of PBR branded skis, by Lib Tech, as incentive for folks to participate in #FreeskierFanFest. We’re testing skis in Aspen for the next eight days, and on each day, we’ll be selecting our favorite Instagram post that’s tagged #FreeskierFanFest. Each of those nine “finalists” will eventually go head-to-head (via public voting) and the winner will walk away with the skis.

User @kenharrmann is today’s winner. While the photo ain’t exactly mind-blowing (sorry, Ken), this photo was selected for one simple reason: Ken was the only one to follow the rules. Those rules are simple: post a photo or video to Instagram (it must be a new post), tag @FreeskierMagazine and use the hashtag #FreeskierFanFest. Of the 78 photos that were tagged #FreeskierFanFest today, 77 were old posts, but newly tagged. Like, posted 200 days ago, or whatever. We certainly appreciate the effort, but we’re looking to see you guys get out this week, the week of #FreeskierFest, because #FreeskierFest is damn awesome, and everyone deserves to share in the fun.

Rambling a bit… Anyhow, keep ’em coming. Here’s Ken’s winning post:

Ken writes, “A tail press for @freeskiermagazine with Kitten Sweater Trey lurking #FreeskierFanFest.”



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