World Premiere of Field’s Side By Side hits Oslo, Norway

World Premiere of Field’s Side By Side hits Oslo, Norway

Words, photos and video by Field Productions

All ages show:
After 12 months of hard work, it was time for the official “Side By Side” world premiere in Oslo. This is the first time “Vulkan/Fabrikken” open their doors for an event in their venue, ever. The doors opened at 5pm with an all ages screening, including give-aways such as Swix poles/USB sticks, Sweet Protection outerwear/helmets, K2 skis, Dragon eyewear and more. Over 300 excited people showed up, and we could not have asked for a better atmosphere during the screening. The event ended with a poster signing with Aleksander Aurdal, Even Sigstad, Torgrim Vole, Ã…smund Thorsen, Fridtjof Fredricsson, Anders Backe, Ole Mustad and more.

Main show:
It was time for the main event. From 9pm people were arriving the venue with high expectations for the night. The screening was very tense, with a fully packed venue with approx 1000 people in the same room. WOAH! After the screening, Datarock (presented by WHITEOUT) entered the stage and things went off. It was one #$%” of a concert. Then Nico D got on stage up and showed some reagge love later on the night. People Love Music ended the night with a great DJ-set.

It was for sure a memorable premiere, and the best one in Field Productions history. From here, the photos and video talks for itself. Thanks to everyone that came out for the event, and to those who made it possible.

For more information, visit the Field Productions website.

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