Watch now: An early morning at Breckenridge with Bobby Brown

Watch now: An early morning at Breckenridge with Bobby Brown

If your appetite for impressive edits wasn't already satisfied enough this week by the Tom Wallisch piece from Jiberish and Stept Productions, Under Armour and Michael Clarke today released an awe inspiring video featuring Bobby Brown. Brown and Clarke headed to Breckenridge last week and took advantage of daily private park sessions during the early morning hours. We caught up with Clarke to inquire how this video came to life.

Michael Clarke:

I live in New York. While I love it here, I'm sadly nowhere near what I like to consider good skiing and find myself more removed from the sport as every day passes. Earlier this month I got a call from Bobby. He said, "Let's make an edit."

I jumped at the idea of getting away from Manhattan for a week and returning to my old stomping grounds of Breckenridge. One call to Under Armour and a project proposal later, I found myself sitting on an airplane heading towards the Rockies.

Luckily, the US Freesking team was in town for a training camp and we had a private park and sled laps every morning. When you put a guy like Bobby in that type of situation you're always going to get a good show, making my job easy. All I had to do was get the shot.

For this edit we had one idea: make some awesome ski porn. This was my first time shooting skiing with the new Sony FS100 and boy did it shine. I'm really happy with how the footage came out. Aside from visuals, I also had Jake Traux—my trusty intern—on location, who was there to capture all the sound, which played a major part in how this piece came together.

Hope you enjoy.

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Bobby Brown | Solar System by UA MTN


From Under Armour: Private terrain parks, early morning snowmobile laps, and double corks make up the life of Bobby Brown as he gets ready for X Games in Breckenridge, Colorado. Take a look and listen in. Headphones aren't mandatory, but are recommended.


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