Video: Bobby Brown wins Winter Dew Tour Slopestyle

Video: Bobby Brown wins Winter Dew Tour Slopestyle

Today, the 5th day of the Winter Dew Tour, brought freezing temperatures (-18 with wind chill), strong gusts and snow flurries. A perfect day for slopestyle, right?

The day started with a 1-run semifinals which were postponed from Thursday afternoon. Henrik Harlaut continued his qualification domination, by qualifying first, with Bobby Brown in the 2nd, and PK Hunder in 3rd. Noticeably absent from the 12 man final were slopestyle killers Colby West and Jacob Wester.

Mike Riddle, looking very TJ-esque.

The finals started after an hour of practice and had a few wind holds. In third place, E’Dollo (Henrik Harlaut) steezing out his run, ending with a boosty rodeo 720 on the bottom kicker. In 2nd place, jossi Wells’ switch 630 onto the box, both switch 1080s and a blind 630 put him in the lead until Bobby Brown’s final run. Bobby’s run, filled with flips, dropped a switch misty 1080 to switch double flip 900 to Kangaroo flip to misty flip off the final jib feature.

Alexis Godbout, switch 1080.

Other highlights included AJ Kemppainen’s smooth styled 900s, Simon Dumont going richter on the jumps despite the inclement weather, and PK Hunder being a norwegian beast, stomping double corks on the knuckle. Jacob Wester was taken down in a sled during prelims, the prognosis of his leg is still unknown, but we wish him the best.

Oscar Scherlin getting ready for finals.

Following the men’s slopestyle, the women had their judged exhibition. Unfortunately, during practice, Athena Brownson was injured during practice and we wish her the best. The four remaining ladies slayed the men’s course, all the while experiencing even harsher winds than the men. Virginie Faivre showed her style, dropping corked 360s. Keri Herman showing her technical skill by spinning both directions. Anna Segal pumped up her run with a Lincoln Loop. But in the end it was Kaya Turski with a 360 to 540 combo, followed by a switch up on the gap box, who took home the 1st place prize.

Jossi Wells on his way to a 2nd place finish.

Hopefully the weather mellows out as the temperature drops, as the men get ready for the superpipe finals.

Check back later for more updates from the Winter Dew Tour in Breckenridge.

Men’s Slopestyle Finals:
1) Bobby Brown
2) Jossi Wells
3) Henrik Harlaut
4) PK Hunder
5) Matt Walker
6) JF Houle
7) Simon Dumont
8) Tucker Perkins
9) Alexis Godbout
10) AJ Kemppainen
11) Oscar Scherilin
12) Sammy Carlson

Women’s Slopestyle Results:
1) Kaya Turski
2) Anna Segal
3) Keri Herman
4) Virginie Faivre

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