What is a Lange girl?

They call our breed “Unicorns” – chicks that rip around the mountain AND look good doing it. We are the girls that would rather be shredding through powder on a freezing cold day than flirting with guys in a city wearing Ugg Boots. In fact, we are the girls that enjoy leaving the boys in the dust and making them wish they could ski likes us. We are the girls that you may not even know are girls standing in the lift line because we are doing it not to look good or be stylish, but simply because we love it.

I am no different. I love to ski and think about skiing when I am not skiing. I may wear ear rings when I ski, but am found tearing through the trees, ripping down some bumps, or off exploring the mountain on the next great adventure. I am not a local, or from a large mountain town, but I sure wish I was. I have skied since I was eight years old – which may put me in the running for the “most avid weekender” award. Yes, I am a weekender, but don’t let that fool you.

To me, being a Lange girl means properly demonstrating what it means to be a “unicorn.” We are the girls that ski until our toe nails fall off and somehow make it look classy. We are the girls that actually like other girls and try to build our flocks larger with other “unicorns” (except on powder days of course). We are the girls that rip around the mountain while looking like we should just be serving pucker shots at the bar (and don’t!).

Guys can only wish that they could be a “Unicorn”, but they will just have to settle for the next best thing – a Lange girl.

– Jess

PS – “unicorns” are heard animals, therefore if you vote for me you must also vote for my fellow “unicorn” – Emily (cute Blonde from Sugarloaf!).



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