Texting With Jossi Wells

Texting With Jossi Wells


The 20-year-old freeskiing champion Jossi Wells is many things. X Games medalist. Trend setter. Power Lifter. But more importantly, he's keen on technology. And seeing that we can't meet up face to face, why not catch up with the precocious Kiwi the new-fashioned way, via text message.

Freeskier: Hey boss, you want to do an interview for Freeskier.com?
Jossi Wells: Yeah, let's do it G.

FS: Perfect. How was your Christmas? I'm assuming you didn't go all the way back to NZ?
JW: Nahbo! Didn't go home but my Christmas was sick! Was a perfect sunny day at Breck & I rode with my homes from NZ & made an edit. Was the raddest day.

FS: You've been big into edits and your camera the last year. How is it being behind the lens?
JW: Yea bro! I'm loving it. It started because I realized I go to so many rad places but never had photos from them. Then I got into actual photography and now I'm loving it. It helps traveling with some of the best photogs in the world, too (Nate Abbott).

FS: That it does. Now that the first Dew is over, how is the competition landscape looking?
JW: Well I took it really easy at the first stop, my ankle was still buggin'. Today was the first day I did some real tricks so I'm really looking forward to the next stop in VT. After that it'll be X, World Champs, Dew #3 and so on!

FS: What's your favorite part of Vermont? The staggeringly large mountains, crystal clear weather… something else?
JW: The fans. It's so cold over there man! But the fans that come out and support us are so amazing!

FS: I was gonna say the girls. You have any New Years Resolutions or are they for lamos?
JW: Ummmm, I want to ride for a while without getting hurt!

FS: Not an unreasonable request. You're the resident style-guy in the industry: what's the new hot thing this year?
JW: New hot thing? Hmmm. Scarves instead of bandanas & off hill, still no color (Blacks, greys, whites).

FS: Speaking of black, rumor on the street is you have a new whip.
JW: You know this! I just purchased a black, 2010 Ford F-150. I'm actually heading over to the shop in an hour to get some new black rims fitted.

FS: All black everything eh? Does that mean you'll be driving to all the events this year?
JW: Would you expect anything less? Haha. Um. I'll drive out to Utah for the World Champs and 3rd Dew. You'll have to come for a burn asap!


FS: How come you didn't get a bigger truck like your Empire teammates?
JW: Because I'm not trying to compensate… Haha.

FS: A couple of your bros went down at Dew, how are they doing?
JW: Yeah Bro, Beau broke his leg and Byron hurt his leg. Beau is chilling on the couch with a bright yellow cast playing Skate 3. Byron is chillin' for a couple weeks playing Black Ops. Ha.

FS: A couple of gamers. What's the post holiday plans? Train for the comps coming up? Learn some new tricks?
JW: Yeah, that's pretty much the plan Just get back on my feet so I can put on a good show in VT. I'm really looking forward to it.

FS: After checking out Dew, who is looking good for Vermont? Other than yourself of course.
JW: I'm really excited to see my man Russ stomp his run with that right dub 12 in it, it's flawless. Also looking forward to watching Simon in the pipe again. I love watching him when he's on fire. Also watch out for Byron in the pipe. His cab 10s are $$$$$!

FS: Vermont should be quite the show. Any mid-season Hawaii trips planned this year?
JW: Most definitely! I can't wait to go again. Going to try and get my boy Teej along this time, too!

FS: Are you up on your literature? Have you read the Jay Z book? I figured you'd be a fan…
JW: I haven't read that, no…. Imma have to check that. I just bought Keith Richard's book though. I'm pretty keen to read that one, haha.

FS: You're a bookworm. I read that somewhere.
JW: Ha! I'm definitely not. I'm all about the internet, skateboarding and photography in my spare time, haha.

FS: Not books, math and spelling? Most pro skiers are…
JW: Haha, maybe John Symms. Might explain why he's 100x smarter than any other skier. Haha, #Respect.

FS: Ok, last question: Yoga or Pilates? You're an athlete, you should have an opinion.
JW: I don't do either. Maybe ask Chanelle 'bout yoga? She's the queen of that.

FS: Just power lifting for Jossi?
JW: Of course, you ever seen my arms? (They're small).

FS: Ha. Well good luck in training and the rest of your year.
JW: Thanks Brother! Lates!

For more digital-based information on Jossi, visit JossiWells.com or check his twitter @JossiWells.

Jossi's aforementiond Xmas day edit:



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