Tanner Hall Wins Winter Dew Tour Halfpipe

Tanner Hall Wins Winter Dew Tour Halfpipe

Tonight marked the final day of ski events, all of this weeks activity culminating into one final halfpipe events, under the lights. And going with this week’s running theme, the wind and temperature decided to kick it up a notch. With a temperature that feels like -20 and gusts up to 37 mph (according to the Weather Channel), riders were battered by the elements. Under the lights and live on tv, the event was primed for big action. What the event lacked in drama (usually reserved for the X Games), it made up for with phenomenal riding and sub zero temperatures.

Justin Dorey, straight air big man.

Kiwis Lyndon Sheehan and Byron Wells boosted huge, but couldn’t quite keep it together to move up the rankings too much. French duo Xavier Bertoni and Kevin Rolland packed yet another one-two punch with heaps of switch tricks and massive airs, to take 6th and 7th respectively. The Dumont, despite getting caught in the wind, boosted huge and put down a sick run for 5th. Peter Olenick took hangtime to a new height, taking his stylish run to 4th place, narrowly missing the podium.

The Dumont air to fakies.

Darkhorse Duncan Adams took smooth pipe riding to a new level, grabbing that coveted bronze. J-Bone, who has been hyped all pre-season, threw both alley-oop flatspin 360s, switch 720s and 1080s (on separate runs) and solid airs to swoop into 2nd place. But in the end, it was pipe killer Tanner Hall that boosted gigantic 1260s and 900s and switch 1080s to take home gold, but a considerable margin.

It wasn’t windy tonight.

As the crowds disperse and the night descends on Breck, the skiers have successfully finished the first stop of the Winter Dew Tour. Make sure you check Freeskier.com for all the updates from the Mt. Snow stop, and beyond.

Peter Olenick, boosting huge.

Duncan Adams getting dirty on a 720.

Tanner Hall, in his element.

Men’s Final Results:
1) Tanner Hall
2) Justin Dorey
3) Duncan Adams
4) Peter Olenick
5) Simon Dumont
6) Xavier Bertoni
7) Kevin Rolland
8) Taylor Seaton
9) Lyndon Sheehan
10) Walter Wood
11) Byron Wells
12) Jossi Wells (DNS)

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