Summertime with Joe Schuster

Summertime with Joe Schuster

Joe Schuster, affectionately known as The Cheesebelly, is a Summer Camp mainstay. Coaching and skiing hard into the evenings, Schuster is a working man’s pro. No corporate sponsors or fly whips outside his condo, Cheesy embodies what it is to be a working pro skier. You work to ski, enjoying every second of it. Here is what Joe’s summer has been shaping up to.

Freeskier: What’s up Joe? What’s up with you this summer?
Joe Schuster: I’m great. Im actually in whistler right now coaching at COC and just hanging loose with my friends in the sun.

FS: Would you say you are working more on your tan or your rail skills this summer?
JS: Well it has been rail skills lately because it hasnt been that sunny but it started to get sunny and hot so who knows…

FS: I read somewhere that you’re the best M$#@%!$@% skier alive… Truth to this?
JS: hahaha well I would say I am far from the best skier alive but I am trying super hard to become that man, so hopefully one I can agree with that statement

FS: Take me through a day at COC, now that it’s sunny. What are people stuck at work and summer school missing this summer?
JS: Wake up at , eat breakfast, ride up the chairs and get stoked to shred, ski all day, do activities, eat dinner, go to bed. I would say they are missing out on the most fun summer ever and should be up here next summer.

FS: How do you beat the heat up on the glacier?
JS: Sunscreen two or three times a day and as much water as you can possibly fit in your body.

FS: Are we going to see the Cheesebelly on the silver screen this fall?
JS: Yeah, I’ll be in Rage’s film this year, titled Pretty Good. Also I’ll be in the new Voleurz flick, Outdoor Graduation.

FS: What is the Voleurz family like? To those of us who have yet to find our home.
JS: They are awesome. It’s basically a bunch of friends who like to shred together and also wear the sickest clothes ever. Check them out.

FS: Whistler in the summer has been known for hard partying and good living. Have you been able to partake this year?
JS: To be totally honest, not really. I have been trying to ski really hard since I don’t think I’ll be going to NZ this year. But the Good life? yes. I’ve been eating a lot of sushi, skiing a lot and getting tan.

FS: What does Joe do to relax after a long day of skiing and being chased around by campers?
JS: Go to the beach, eat good food and hang with the boys.

FS: Any traveling in the works this summer?
JS: I might go surf on the coast, but probably just working so I can ski next year.

FS: So it’s hard out there for a pimp?
JS: Well they wouldn’t have made the song if it wasn’t true.

FS: Very true. Well I thank you for your time. Any last shout outs?
JS: My family, friend, sponsors, Camp of Champs for giving me a job and Freeskier for this interview.

FS: I want to shout out to your dad Don, he’s the man.
JS: He is the man.

FS: Thanks Cheesy, enjoy COC and sunburn.

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